The 11 Best Hard Ciders Made in the...

Come fall, we can’t help but crave a seasonal treat; it’s one of our favorite things about the season! We get pumpkin flavored foods, autumn-inspired menus and the steamy, cinnamon packed coffees and lattes we’ve...

September 21, 2017

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For today’s average buyer and seller, searching for a home has largely moved online. A plethora of properties can be found in just a few clicks, sometimes making it more difficult to stay on top of the week’s favorite picks. However, there’s no need to worry because it just got easier with this trending list. McGuire’s Weekly […]
Six museums with decades of art, history and culture.

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Maybe you’re Jacques Pepin and you can’t get your knife on over Formica.
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As one of the most dog-friendly cities, San Francisco has an amazing lineup of dog fun, care, services and more!
Pumpkin picking season is upon us — and the Bay Area is ready!

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