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Ice Cream in the Elmwood

Posted On September 8th, 2010 by Marlene Leverette | No Comments

It is amazing to see the line that Ici Ice Cream on College Avenue in The Elmwood neighborhood of Berkeley draws, no matter at what time of the day. Obviously it is because this little store makes the most delicious ice cream.

However, I think it is even more than that.  

The line has become a social event — mothers and children meeting during the day, young (and old) couples and singles in the evening, just getting to know other ice cream lovers. The Rialto theater down the street, or the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts up the street, draw people to their events and the ice cream line is a great place to pass the time waiting for the show to begin. After a great dinner at one of the fabulous eating spots in this neighborhood, what a perfect place for conversation and dessert.


Image courtesy of Hanamik

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