Halloween Haiku

|October 4, 2010

Cheery orange pumpkin
Your smile so welcome in fall
December? Be gone

October sneaks in behind our San Francisco summer, slipping subtly through the good-weather door when you least expect it. And sellers and house stagers have new marketing weapons to wield: Seasonal décor such as pumpkins, dried corn, bumpy gourds and persimmons.

Nothing says “welcome home” like these nature gifts. They can generate nostalgia for the place your folks sold ten years ago or for a home that never actually existed except in wishful adolescent dreams. Add a bit of cinnamon-nutmeg potpourri to the visuals in your foyer and prospective buyers will get not just an eye-full of seasonal flavor but a snoot-full too. It may prompt them to open their hearts and start the ink flowing on a contract for purchase.

However, dear sellers, please do us all a favor and remove said seasonal decorations from display if the house hasn’t sold by November 30. Nothing is so depressing as a sagging green-tinged Jack O’Lantern leering from a stairtop in December. Except perhaps a red-bowed wreath on a front door in May. Its expiration date was January first.

In either case, if the house is on the market for more than one season, the asking price is probably too high. Some things never change.


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Cynthia Cummins

Cynthia Cummins

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