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|April 15, 2011

It’s spring and the real estate season is in full bloom. Buyers are out in force, and the search for a home can be both stressful and overwhelming. After a long afternoon of house hunting with clients, a relaxing walk in a different environment is just what the doctor had ordered—this week my chosen stroll was around the Palace of Fine Arts.

The last time I was there many areas were blocked off as the walk ways underwent renovation. Now the work is complete and the park is quite magnificent. The perimeter of the lake had been boarded by vegetation in the past, and is where ducks, birds, and swans would nest in the underbrush come spring time. However the low shrubs were removed, and now the edges of the lake are grazed by a stone border with new pathways. The small island in the center is still there and provides shelter to its nesting birds.

Although I am not an avid bird watcher, I’ve always enjoyed the peaceful activity during San Francisco’s spring season. As I strolled around the lake I came upon a most amazing sight: two beautiful swans on the edge of the path, building a nest out in the open. This is the good news—the bad news is there were foolish people trying to photograph themselves with the swans, moving way too close to the birds. Naturalist never gives the location of a nest, but since this is such a public place, it seemed rather hopeless to keep it a secret. Therefore I’m deciding to share this with my readers. If you do go to the Palace of Fine Arts during nesting season please be respectful of all the birds, and don’t get too close to their nests.

It must’ve been the beautiful spring weather while I was walking, because amazing photo-ops leaped out at me everywhere I looked. In no time at all, I found myself with enough shots to create an entire slide show.

The Exploratorium, located at the north end of the lake, offers a wealth of exhibits for all ages. Take a look at its website so you don’t miss any special exhibits and/or demonstrations.

Chestnut Street—the commercial area of the Marina neighborhood—is just a few-blocks walk from the Palace of Fine Arts. Here you’ll find coffee shops, bakeries, delicatessens, bars and restaurants; as well as boutiques and shops to interest all ages. This popular street is busy with foot traffic from the early morning, when the coffee shops open, until late-night when the restaurants and bars close.

The Marina is one of the most beautiful residential neighborhoods in the city, if not the world. There are always a few single family homes and condos for sale that are within walking distance of the Palace of Fine Arts. Simply put, Marina homes are the embodiment of luxury living at its finest. As with all San Francisco neighborhoods, homes priced to sell are quickly sold—sometimes it’s within days or weeks of coming on to the market. The trick is finding that special one which causes you to stop and say to yourself: “I love this home. I have to have it. What can I do to buy it today?”

San Francisco has so many diverse and interesting neighborhoods. You may start out in a spunky and eclectic scene, and within minutes, experience a relaxing change of pace such as one like the Marina. This is what makes San Francisco City Living so uniquely special.

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