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|June 9, 2012

Everyone I meet agrees that San Francisco is the center of the universe and the absolute most desirable place to live.  As the price of buying a home in San Francisco rises some buyers are beginning to rethink their choice of location to buy a home in the bay area.

This is what I hear buyers saying.  San Francisco is my first choice but…

Maybe living within a reasonable commute to San Francisco either by public transportation or car is worth considering
I can own a house in Marin or the East Bay for the price of a condo in San Francisco
The weather is warmer outside of San Francisco
I am not sure about the public schools in San Francisco
I really want a yard when I buy a home
There are some great restaurants in Berkeley…I love Chez Panisse and the Acme Bakery
Summers without fog…YES!
I like the view of San Francisco from the Berkeley Hills
The town of Mill Valley is so nice
I love the idea of living in the redwoods

In the end overall price is the motivating factor.  There is no doubt you will get more for your money in communities outside of San Francisco.  Is giving up San Francisco city living worth having a bigger home, a yard or better weather worth it to you? When I bought my first home I considered all of the various factors and decided a small house in the city was better for me. My first home was in Noe Valley and at that time a real back water neighborhood, although it is hard to believe today.

There is only one way to know what works for you. Explore the communities outside of San Francisco. Do you feel at home in Mill Valley or Berkeley or are you really a city person who thrives on city parks, cafes and street life? Is the trade-off for city life worth it to you? If it is when you are ready to buy a home in San Francisco I will be here to help you navigate the fast paced real estate market in San Francisco today.

Are you thinking of selling your home, or do you need help with your search? Would you like to try CleanOffer? If so, please e-mail me at or call my cell 415.608.1267. Find me on Facebook at San Francisco City Living, follow me on Twitter @caroleisaacs, or see my website and stay up to speed with the best of the city.

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