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|May 2, 2013

Guess what?  Your next neighborhood social mixer is online now. In the city, I’m always excited to meet a new neighbor.  Sometimes, you just want to see if anyone else is bothered by garbage can pilfering, if there are local playgroups for your children, or if someone has a reliable handyman.  Now, you can find all of this and more online with

Consider as a Facebook-Craigslist mash-up for your neighborhood. Nextdoor’s mission is “to use technology to help neighbors build stronger and safe neighborhoods.”

How does it work?
Residents sign up and are categorized into zones within the City’s neighborhoods.  For example, while I live in Cow Hollow, my assigned neighborhood area is “Franklin Cow Hollow” which includes 1400 residential addresses on the eastern end of the neighborhood.  I am able to see communications from surrounding zones – Nextdoor calls these my Nearby Neighborhoods – that make up much of Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights and Russian Hill.

What am I looking at, exactly? I’m looking at posts from residents that cover a variety of topics, which I can adjust via my account preference settings.  I can comment on a post, “like” a post, or thank someone for sharing information with a simple click of a button.

With a list of categories, you can navigate to a specific type of post.  You can also narrow or expand how many posts you’re seeing by switching between your micro-neighborhood, your nearby neighborhoods, and all of San Francisco.
It’s easy to create a post – as easy as making a Facebook status update.  You can post a message directly from the Home Page.  You can also select the category first and then click on “Add new.”

Does Nextdoor Protect Privacy? Only local, registered users of can see posts on the Nextdoor website.  When registering, you do have to provide your name and address.  This is so Nextdoor can verify that you actually live where you live.  Once you are signed up, you can edit your profile and give out as much or as little contact information as you wish.  Only members of your neighborhood zone can see your full profile and contact you directly.   It’s not possible to see other cities or states or to search for a person by name.

I think is a great tool that can benefit everyone in one way or another.  Go ahead and give it a try!

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