My Quest for the Origin of the “Chef’s Kitchen”

|December 6, 2014

Being a curious person, I am fascinated by random concepts and often enter into a quest to satisfy that curiosity. Once at Ocean Beach I happened upon literally thousands of sand dollars on the beach. Perfect ones! More than I could carry! But I was haunted by the question…what leads to such a massacre? Later that afternoon I knew almost as much as a marine biologist about the life of sand dollars. I’ll spare you, but it was fascinating.

So you can imagine that back in 2011, when I had been a Realtor here in San Francisco for 7 years, I wondered where the real estate descriptor “Chef’s kitchen” came from, and what particular aspects such a kitchen must hold to be deemed a Chef’s kitchen. Determined to give all of my clients this information, and to make sure I market homes properly, I set out on my research.

And here is what I found, ladies and gentleman, and it still hangs over me 3 years later…nothing. There’s not even a Wikipedia entry.  What I did find was this article in the New York Times that had been published about a month prior, which explains the often meager kitchen amenities chefs in New York are challenged with in their own homes (including FoodNetwork celebs!). I helped my friend and chef Elizabeth Falkner find a home in San Francisco…that had no dishwasher.

So what constitutes a Chef’s kitchen? Anyplace that gives you a creative outlet to cook. People who love cooking will make anything work. Of course, high end appliances and great counter space never hurt!

Happy holidays!!


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