Regional Market Trends | Q4 2015

|January 28, 2016

The massive average home sale prices we’ve become accustomed to were prevalent here, although the record-setting figures died down a bit. The in-demand inventory supply was limited, but sales volume saw no major aberrations from the past few years’ activity. While sellers priced high, they tended to recognize a ceiling that did not seem to exist in the year’s more exceptional months.
Regional Market Trends | Q4 2015 - McGuire Real Estate
One standout amongst all this normalcy was Marin County, where the $1.515 million average home sale was a new record high and up 11 percent year-over-year. In fact, all three of the seven-figure counties—including San Francisco and the Mid-Peninsula—saw average home sale prices rise between 9 and 12 percent year-over-year. A simple conclusion from this activity is that the tech boom is freeing up an excess of cash that is being directly invested back into the Bay Area’s most affluent communities, and specifically those in close proximity to major tech industry headquarters.
Regional Market Trends | Q4 2015 - McGuire Real Estate
Another noteworthy case of financial growth was seen in Napa County, where the average home sale topped $900,000 for the first time in market history. This included an onslaught of luxury-priced sales, for example an $11 million closing along Soda Canyon Road in Napa, as well as widespread upward valuation even among what are typically some of the Bay Area’s more affordable real estate offerings. Needless to say, Napa County has firmly supplanted itself as one of the most in-demand enclaves for buyers looking for the perks of Bay Area living without the same high-price tags that are unavoidable in Marin, San Mateo and San Francisco Counties.
 Regional Market Trends | Q4 2015 - McGuire Real Estate
In the East Bay, both Contra Costa and Alameda County saw steadily strong average home sales prices without any major dips or rises in valuation. The large majority of all Bay Area sales also took place between these two counties, which provided the typical relief for buyers who are priced out of smaller markets with bigger price tags.

Regional Market Trends | Q4 2015 - McGuire Real Estate

With average home sales remaining near record levels, the Bay Area witnessed a strong $8.014 billion in total Q4 sales. The East Bay accounted for 58 percent of all sales and 46 percent of the market’s cash volume at $3.648 billion. The North Bay recorded 23 percent of all sales and 22 percent of cash share by volume. The Mid-Peninsula posted 12 percent of all sales and 20 percent of cash share by volume. San Francisco contributed 7 percent of all sales and 13 percent of cash volume.

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Q4 2015 | McGuire Quarterly Report

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