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If You’re Looking for an Agent in San Francisco…

Know what's in the cards.

If you’re looking for a San Francisco agent, know what’s in the cards - | Cynthia Cummins - McGuire Real EstateThey hearken back to ancient Egypt, with images like those on the walls of the chambers beneath the Sphinx. They mirror the androgynous Hindu god Ardhanari who holds in its arms objects similar to swords, discs, cups and wands. They are linked to Fez, ancient Greece and Morocco, and were popular—then banned—in 15th Century Italy.

But did you know that the cards of the Tarot can help you choose a REALTOR® to represent you in San Francisco? Watch this video to learn how.

Cynthia Cummins is a Partner and Top Producer at McGuire Real Estate’s Marina District Office in San Francisco. To learn more about San Francisco real estate visit

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