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Taking The Form To A New Level

Realtor Haikus: Taking The Form To A New Level | Cynthia Cummins - McGuire Real Estate

Should I stage or not?
Is this even a question?
Look at sold photos.

Title insurance,
is it something I MUST buy?
Everyone says so.

Market is shifting.
Seller says, “offers as they come.”
At showings, shoes on!

Signing loan papers
as her attorney in fact,
his wrist is worn out.

How many square feet?
It’s quite unclear! Play it safe.

Help out your painter.
Don’t make him guess the color.
Label your paint cans.

It only leaked once
in a heavy sideways rain.
Still, you must disclose!

Don’t get me started:
Way too many acronyms!
Please sign this AVID?

Tax year calendar:
July first to June thirty
first. Let me explain.

Cynthia Cummins is a Partner and Top Producer at McGuire Real Estate’s Marina District Office in San Francisco. To learn more about San Francisco real estate visit

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