10 Reasons We’re Lucky to Live in San Francisco

|March 17, 2017

San Francisco is a lot of things — beauty, diversity, culture, home. And it seems like everyone knows it because the city is constantly making lists and winning awards in every category. Right now, SF has the hottest housing market, is the greenest city in the country, one of the best bike cities, the second healthiest city — the list goes on and on.

It’s no secret then: SF is one of the best places in the country and we love living here. To help us all share the love (and get a little sappy), we put together a list of the top 10 reasons we’re lucky to live here. Read through our favorites, then let us know why you love San Francisco. Trust us, it’s not easy to narrow down!

It’s the happiest place in the country — and we can prove it

Mercer ranked San Francisco #1 in the US for Quality of Living. In one of the world’s most intensive surveys, they considered safety, economic and sociocultural environment, education, transportation and more. That means it’s one of the happiest, easiest and safest places to live in the whole world!

There’s a breathtaking view at every turn

California was ranked the most beautiful on Thrillist’s ranking of all 50 states. And here in SF, we have some of California’s most revered sites: The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Angel Islands as well as forest, city, mountain and water views! If you need more convincing, just scroll through our favorite Instagram snapshots.

We love the earth

It’s no secret that San Francisco loves the environment. Despite the fact that it’s one of the country’s most populated cities, it still ranks on lists of the greenest environments. In fact, WalletHub named it the greenest city in America in 2016!

You can live here without a car

The easy and accessible transportation options make San Francisco one of the greenest cities and one of the best cities for living without a car. The entire city is just 7×7 miles and it’s Bicycling Magazine’s second best bike city. So hop on the BART, your bike or your own two feet and start exploring!

Three words: coffee, wine and chocolate

Ever since Ghirardelli made San Francisco its home over 160 years ago, the city has been celebrating its chocolate history — and we love it. SF is even host to the West Coast’s original Chocolate Salon, a festival of all things chocolate. And our proximity to wine country and the abundance of local coffee shops and roasters offer the perfect pairings!

Entrepreneurs are welcome

Speaking of local business, SF is one of the 10 Best Places for Young Entrepreneurs. If you’ve been the city for longer than five minutes, you know all 7×7 miles are covered in lively, exciting and unique businesses and hotspots — and we can’t get enough!

The history is riveting

San Francisco has seen some of America’s oldest and most iconic history. Our city was home to Spanish explorers in the 1700s, the gold rush of the 1800s, the famed earthquake and fire in 1906 and was then rebuilt to become the largest and most important commercial, naval, and financial center in the West. From seafaring fishermen to political activists and even hippies, our city is filled with cultural and educational opportunities at every turn.

The food is jaw-dropping

It’s no secret: SF is a foodie paradise. Whether you’re craving authentic ethnic food, an upscale, romantic dinner, seafood on the waterfront, or the best restaurant in the whole country, you can find it in San Francisco. And if you’re wondering about the best in the US, SF’s The Slanted Door, Boulevard and Zuni Café have all won the James Beard award for Outstanding Restaurant.

The art scene is impressive

As a diverse cultural hub for people all over the world, arts of all kinds have been a part of San Francisco for centuries. We’re home to some of the best art museums in the country. For an introduction, check out the deYoung, SFMOMA and the Asian Art Museum. Or, just walk down the street in any neighborhood and explore SF via its public street art!

And the people are friends with everyone

From SF’s Sunday Streets events to farmers markets, coffee houses and even swing dancing in the park — you’ll find friends everywhere you go. Have an obscure interest or hobby? We have no doubt you’ll find a perfect place to fit in because everyone is welcome in San Francisco.

Feeling lucky?

Let us know why you’re lucky to live in SF in the comments below!

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