29 Bicycling Clubs + Group Rides in the Bay Area

|April 5, 2017

San Francisco, Oakland and the entire Bay Area consistently show up on lists of the best bike cities in the country. In fact, on Bicycling Magazine’s 2016 list, SF was ranked number two! If you need more reasons to join in, just step out on the roads or trails all over the Bay, and count the cyclists. You might not even be able to keep track!

Maybe you already consider yourself a cyclist or perhaps you’ve been wanting to get started. Wherever you fall on the experience timeline, there’s a resource in the region to help you improve and connect with other enthusiasts. Get your own bike ready or rent a bike and accessories from The Sausalito Bicycle Co. and hit the road with one of these Bay Area bike clubs!

There are organizations for casual meetups, competitive races, workout rides and even midnight bike parties. If you’re just starting out, get the lowdown on safety, routes and more from San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and don’t forget your helmet!

San Francisco Biking


Butterlap has been a favorite San Francisco bike club for years. Every Wednesday they meet in front of the Ferry Building and cruise around the city for a casual 17.79-mile ride. With a friendly group of anywhere from 5 to 25 people, it’s an easy club to join — and it ends at Bender’s Bar and Grill!

San Francisco Cycling Club

San Francisco Cycling Club is welcoming to both members and nonmembers. Their goal is to bring cyclists together to ride, race, share advice and exchange tips over a post-ride espresso or beer. Each week, they host rides on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with a members-only ride on Wednesday.

For a $145 first-time payment, membership offers access to special social events, rides and races throughout the year as well as insurance and branded gear.

Bike Racing in San Francisco

The Mission Cycling Club

In 2017, Mission Cycling Club is celebrating ten years of camaraderie, racing, riding and, most importantly, fun. They were originally motivated by a desire for a cycling club that focused simply on rewarding rides instead of racing. Today, they’ve become one of the region’s most exciting and enriching clubs. And you can even travel with them to Italy and France!

If you’d like to participate in a free, casual ride and learn more about the club, join them on Saturday for the club ride. Meet at Craftsman and Wolves on Valencia at 9 a.m. and ride between 35 and 80 miles — depending on schedules.

Midnight Mystery Ride

Midnight mystery rides have popped up all over the country as fun outlets to socialize and participate in casual cruises. The San Francisco chapter hosts monthly rides announced spontaneously the day of; then, everyone meets at the starting location at midnight and takes off toward a secret, mystery destination. Every meeting point is accessible, inexpensive and serves alcohol so arrive early to meet the group!  

Rapha Cycling Club

Rapha Cycling Club is a global bicycle group organized by bike clothing and accessory company, Rapha. The very first US chapter began right here in San Francisco and has grown to become the best way to explore while getting exercise and having fun. The most popular ride is the Stammtisch Ride that ends at the Biergarten, with a focus more on high fives than KOMs. A $200 annual membership includes casual riding, competitive racing and social resting opportunities.

Biking in San Francisco

Velo Girls

Velo Girls is a bike club for women in the Bay Area. Members include recreational and competitive road cyclists, mountain bikers and cyclo-crossers, and include a diverse range of ages participating. Since their inception in 2002, they’ve been recognized by USA Cycling as Club of the Year four times and have also been voted Best Bike Club by Competitor Magazine, City Sports Magazine and the Bay List!

Different Spokes

Different Spokes is the Bay Area’s recreational bike club for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. Founded in 1982, the club is open to all members of the LGBT community and its friends — anyone who has an interest in bicycling! Rides are open to all club members, visitors and guests so check the calendar and hit the road!

Berkeley Bicycle Club  

Berkeley Bike Club has been promoting competitive and recreational cycling in the Bay Area since 1979. Each year they host two races — including the Berkeley Hills Road Race, the oldest continuously-running road race in the United States. Though primarily focused on racing and preparation, anyone can join in on group rides!

Biking in San Francisco

East Bay Bike Party  

East Bay Bike Party is a mobile party for riders of all ages, experience levels and types to meet, ride and socialize together. The volunteer organization is all about car-free transportation and fun so their rides begin near BART stations and always have a theme! Once a month, 12 months a year, EBBP meets at 7:30 p.m. on the second Friday of the month and they roll out at 8!

Oakland Yellow Jackets  

Established in 1986, the Oakland Yellow Jackets Bicycle Club is a social bicycling group for men and women of all ages and skill levels. Because they’re all about socializing, no rider gets left behind and all bike types are welcome! Rides are organized for light, humane intermediate, advanced intermediate and advanced riders and include Lake Merritt, BART and away start points throughout the entire Bay Area.

Grizzly Peak Cyclists

Based in Berkeley, Grizzly Peak hosts rides primarily around East Bay and occasionally throughout the entire Bay Area. Each ride is rated to indicate the expected terrain, pace and distance, so you can choose a ride suited to your abilities and everyone is invited! Check the ride calendar and choose the one the best suits you.

And don’t miss the annual Grizzly Peak Century! Every year since 1975 the Grizzly Peak Cyclists have hosted this race, known for its challenging but beautiful terrain and gourmet home-made food. The 2017 event is on Sunday, May 7.

Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club  

This Dublin-based club has been a Bay Area standby since 1971. Today, they have 650 members and plenty of non-member participants! With a wide variety of club rides, ranging from short neighborhood tours suitable for families with children to strenuous epics, they invite everyone to come by for a group ride and meet the crew. Check the calendar and show up on ride day!

Biking in San Francisco

Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle Club

This nonprofit club serves riders of all types — from casual to competitive. Their emphasis is on bicycle safety and education in order to promote biking as a form of exercise and sustainable transportation. Though everyone is invited to participate, members enjoy access to special events and rides, clothing and discounts.

The club also sponsors the annual Primavera Century and hosts the Cinderella Coaching Series, a women’s training program which finishes just in time for the Cinderella Classic & Challenge hosted by Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club!

Diablo Cyclists   

Based in Walnut Creek, Diablo Cyclists focuses on recreational road, touring and off-road bicycling. In addition to hosting rides and events, they also provide education and training for anyone who wants to know more about the sport. Unless otherwise noted, club rides always leave at 9 a.m. from Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek. Choose your first ride using the schedule!

Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers   

If you prefer riding your bike on dirt trails through mountain terrain, this club is for you! Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers is primarily a nonprofit club advocating for establishing sustainable trail access in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. On their meetup page, you’ll find rides organized by the club that will get you outside, on the trails and introduce you to members and enthusiasts from all over the Bay Area!

Mountain Biking in South Bay

Western Wheelers Bicycle Club  

This Palo Alto-based club rides throughout the South Bay and Peninsula and they’ve done so since 1968! Check out their meetup page to find rides ranging in skill level, distance and type. And, if you’re a racer, don’t miss their Sequoia Century, one of the most challenging and beautiful rides in the area.

Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club   

Founded in 1960, Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club serves to provide a supportive bike racing organization for all members to achieve their personal and team goals. Focused primarily on racing, they offer support, training, coaching and social activities. If you’re interested in learning more, join them for their weekly Sunday morning ride! They leave around 8:30 a.m. from the Los Altos Starbucks in the Los Altos Rancho shopping center.

Skyline Cycling Club

The Skyline Cycling Club is a social, recreational bicycle club in South Bay. They organize weekly rides on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday all year long and summer rides on Wednesday nights at various locations — so there’s always an opportunity to get out, socialize and learn more!

Bike Racing in San Francisco

Sunnyvale Cupertino Cycling Club

Members of SCCC ride road, mountain, track and cross all year long. The nonprofit organization promotes cycling in every part of life — travel, recreational, competitive and more! Open to all ages and abilities, they offer casual events, training opportunities and races, promising no one gets dropped — no matter how slow — and everyone helps if a rider gets a flat tire. Check the ride schedule and join in!

San Jose Bike Party

San Jose Bike Party is motivated by the motto, “A bicycle is freedom, a bicycle is friendly, and a bicycle is life.” They promote this through weekly rides exploring San Jose and celebrating bikes and accessibility in the community. Join in on the third Friday of each month at 8 p.m., but check the calendar first to see where to meet and what other events are available!

San Jose Bicycling Club

San Jose Bicycling Club has committed itself to the development of beginning and junior cyclists through coaching and organized racing events to increase skill, ability and enjoyment for everyone! Through their rides and programs, they’ve produced champions in various age ranges and competitions. Over the course of its 76-year history, the organization has become one of the most successful amateur bicycle racing clubs in Northern California.

San Jose Mountain Biking

San Jose Mountain Biking wants to get people out riding whenever and wherever possible! Rides range from after-work social meetups and workouts to full on epic rides and everyone is welcome. The president, David B., promises no one gets dropped and encourages even beginners to come out for a group ride. And after a few rides with the group, your membership comes free! RSVP for your first trip on their meetup page.

Mountain Biking in the Bay Area

Almaden Cycle Touring Club

Almaden Cycle Touring Club is driven by their motto, “Riding for fitness, friendship and fun” and celebrates with rides on trails, roads, paths and mountains of the South Bay. With a ride calendar of over 150 events per month, there’s a ride for everyone to learn, progress and have fun! For just $25 for an individual or $30 for a family, you can be a member.

Alto Velo Racing Club

The Alto Velo Racing Club is one of the country’s top amateur cycling clubs. Based in the Silicon Valley, the organization supports and encourages bike racing across all categories and promotes the annual Pescadero Coastal Classic, one of the toughest and most beautiful races on the Northern California Racing Calendar. With over 200 members, it’s a great club to join for race enthusiasts and anyone who wants to improve!

Marin Cyclists Club

Marin Cyclists Club offers organized rides on weekends and shorter, informal rides during the week as well as a speaker series and social gatherings to promote cycling in the region. This dedicated group explores Marin and the entire Bay Area while having plenty of fun along the way. There’s no pressure to be a member, so check the calendar and hit the road this week!

Start training with them today so you’re ready for their Marin Century in August! The race offers 3,000 cyclists an epic day, an exciting after party and the opportunity to support local organizations.

Biking in San Francisco

Eagle Cycling Club

Eagle Cycling Club, headquartered in Napa, promotes safety, supports the Napa County Bicycle Advisory Committee, Napa County Bicycle Coalition and sponsors an Adopt a Highway cleanup section on Silverado Trail. Members range in age and skill level and can be seen riding road, hills, on tandems, recumbents and even pulling kids in trailers! Join a ride this week and learn more.

Santa Cruz County Cycling Club

All SCCCC rides function on a no drop policy so no one gets left behind. Choose a gentle, intermediate or fast paced ride and meet the group! If you’re not ready to be a member, just sign the waiver on ride day and you’re ready to go. You can also participate in a specially designed 6-week class to prepare.

Bay Area Cycling

Bay Area Cycling is a free group organized on Meetup. The club organizes beginner, easy, recreational, sporting and advanced rides in addition to dinner rides which end with a restaurant reservation where the group can wind down and socialize. Join the meetup for updates on upcoming rides!

Golden Gate Cyclists

Each week Golden Gate Cyclists host scheduled road rides plus periodic picnics and potlucks. The free group focuses on having fun, enjoying nature, spending time with friends and staying healthy. For $20 a year, membership offers access to a newsletter and discounts at various Bay Area bike shops. Check out their upcoming rides and get to know the crew!

Have fun!

Whether you ride with one club, every club or by yourself, make sure to stay safe, follow traffic laws and wear a helmet. Share your favorite Bay Area bicycle clubs and let us know which trails and routes are your go-tos!

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