32 Craft Breweries Within a 20 Minute Walk From BART

|April 7, 2017

Bay Area Rapid Transit, BART, The BART — whichever term of endearment you choose to label our beloved train, you’ve definitely ridden it at least once and you’ve probably developed strong feelings about it. Whatever those feelings may be, BART makes San Francisco the best city to live without a car and the Bay Area one of the most navigable regions in the country.

And as if that’s not enough, it brings you within walking distance of some of the Bay’s best craft breweries!

We’re not talking beer bars, pubs or restaurants. We’re talking house-brewed, California originals where you can get in deep conversations with other beer aficionados and learn all about the beer you’re drinking directly from the brewer.

If you’ve been meaning to explore the Bay’s brew scene, but you don’t want to get behind the wheel after a couple beers, we applaud you. And, we’re going to help! Hop on BART this weekend and explore the region via its most accessible breweries, microbreweries, brewpubs and taprooms. And, most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Station | 12th St Oakland City Center

Pacific Coast Brewing Co.

Directions: 4 mins walking | 2 mins biking

Pacific Coast is a place for craft beer lovers and history aficionados. Since opening its doors in 1988, the Oakland brewery has been serving great, small batch beers and warm, beer-inspired meals.

Station | 16th St Mission (SF)  

Southpaw BBQ

Beers within walking distance to the Bart Southpaw BBQ

Photo courtesy of Southpaw BBQ

Directions: 3 mins walking | 1 min biking

At Southpaw BBQ, they believe “Nothing goes better with Southern BBQ than a cold pint of beer and a glass of whiskey.” At this Mission staple, you’ll find mouth-watering North Carolina barbecue with house-brewed beers and over 100 whiskey!

Standard Deviant Brewing

Breweries Walkable from the Bart Standard Deviant Brewing

Photo courtesy of Standard Deviant Brewing

Directions: 5 mins walking | 2 mins biking  

As the name implies, Standard Deviant takes traditional recipes and brews them with subtle twists. Whether year-round or seasonal, each beer stands out as an exciting addition to SF’s craft beer scene.

Brasserie Saint James

Directions: 7 mins walking | 2 mins biking

In 2014, Brasserie Saint James won the Best Mid-Size Brewpub and Brewers in the Nation at the Great American Beer Festival and they’ve been creating even more unique brews ever since. In their Mission pub, you can taste a Saint James’ gold medal beer and sample craft brews from other Bay Area favorites!

Southern Pacific Brewing

Breweries within walking distance of the Bart

Photo courtesy of Southern Pacific Brewing and Michael Smith

Directions: 13 mins walking | 5 mins biking  

A full menu of artisan food, unique guest brews, high-caliber specialty cocktails and a lively outdoor patio are just a few of the things you’ll find at Southern Pacific. Try the house-brewed IPA made with California Ale Yeast while you take in the historic view from the upper mezzanine!

Woods Cervecería

Breweries within walking distance of the Bart

Photo courtesy of Woods Bar & Brewery and Rey Romero

Directions: 14 mins walking | 5 mins biking

For SF craft beer experts, Woods Cervecería is a must-try. Just a short walk from the 16th Street BART station, you’ll find a small, experimental brewery and the original home of Woods MateVeza IPA.  

Anchor Brewing

Directions: 24 mins walking | 8 mins biking

Anchor Brewing has been a San Francisco original since 1896. Though you can’t walk-in for a taste, we suggest making a tour reservation, learning all about Anchor brews, and then trying them for yourself at the complimentary tour tasting.

Station | 19th St Oakland

Woods Bar & Brewery

Breweries within walking distance of the Bart

Photos courtesy of Woods Bar & Brewery and Rey Romero

Directions: 1 minute walking | 1 minute biking

Woods Bar has five locations in Oakland and San Francisco — including Woods Cervecería, home of their MateVeza IPA. Perhaps the most innovative and experimental brewer in the Bay, their brews are perfect for anyone hoping to taste something original, unique and steadfastly Californian.

Diving Dog Brewery

Directions: 1 minute walking | 1 minute biking

Oakland’s Diving Dog Brewhouse doesn’t just offer their delicious brews, they let you brew on the premises to create something of your very own! Stop by to try house-made creations and learn more about how to make yours.

Station | 24th St Mission (SF)  

Old Bus Tavern

Breweries near Bart stations

Photos courtesy of Old Bus Tavern

Directions: 10 minutes walking | 4 minutes biking

Old Bus Tavern offers humble, craft beer recipes in a bright, modern atmosphere alongside an upscale food menu and cocktail list. Through experimentation, Brewmaster Ben perfectly combines innovation with classic American and Belgian styles.

Station | Ashby (Berkeley)  

Hoi Polloi Brewing

Directions: 6 minutes walking | 2 minutes biking

No Bay Area craft brewery list would be complete with Hoi Polloi — we’re just lucky it’s only 6 minutes from the Ashby BART! This intimate, South Berkeley venue uses a three barrel system to create a variety of in-house brews. And you can find other local favorites on tap as well!

Novel Brewing

Breweries close to Bart stations

Photo courtesy of Novel Brewing and Abbie Leigh

Directions: 19 minutes walking | 6 minutes biking

Novel came from humble beginnings and a simple passion for creative craft beer. Read their story as told by owner, brewer and founder, Brian, then stop by to say hello and get a taste!

Station | Civic Center/UN Plaza (SF)  

Cellarmaker Brewing Company

Breweries close to Bart stations

Photo courtesy of Cellarmaker Brewing Company

Directions: 8 minutes walking | 5 minutes biking

If Cellarmaker isn’t the most popular SF brewery amongst the area’s craft beer aficionados, it’s definitely in the top three. Just eight minutes from the Civic Center station, you can try their experimental, characteristic and standout brews for yourself.

Station | Concord

EJ Phair

Directions: 8 minutes walking | 5 minutes biking

EJ Phair is originally out of Pittsburg, California. Their Concord taproom brings a full lineup of their classic recipes closer to the Bay — and a lot closer to BART! Stop by for a brew, a plate of Jaegerschnitzel, and sample another California beer while you’re at it.

Station | Downtown Berkeley


Breweries close to Bart stations

Photo courtesy of Jupiter and Lance Yamamoto

Directions: 1 minute walking | 1 minute biking

Jupiter is a favorite in Berkeley and the entire Bay Area. Alongside their hand-crafted beer, you can get a wood-fired pizza — both will make you want to come back again and again!

Pacific Standard by Half Moon Bay Brewing

Directions: 3 minutes walking | 2 minutes biking

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. brews their beer down the coast in — you guessed it — Half Moon Bay. Their Berkeley taproom serves award-winning beer, other regional brews on tap and eclectic small bites featuring locally-sourced ingredients.

Triple Rock Brewery

Breweries close to Bart stations

Photo courtesy of Triple Rock Brewery and Lance Yamamoto

Directions: 4 minutes walking | 6 minutes biking

Triple Rock opened its doors in March 1986 when only four other brewpubs existed in the country. Today, it is celebrated as one of the country’s original brewpubs. It’s also the only brewpub still using the original brewing equipment and the only one still owned and operated by the original founders.

Station | El Cerrito Plaza

Elevation 66 Brewing Company

Directions: 4 minutes walking | 3 minutes biking  

Ever since Elevation 66 opened its doors in September 2011, the brewery has been making a name for itself in the Bay Area beer scene. With a strong focus on sustainability and environmental care, the brewery created a bar made out of all reclaimed materials; they donate their spent grain to a local farm to feed the cattle; and they pride themselves on being a conscious establishment that minimizes their footprint as much as possible.

Station | Embarcadero (SF)

Fort Point Beer Company Tap Room

Breweries close to Bart stations Fort Point Brewing

Photo courtesy of Fort Point Beer Co.

Directions: 4 minutes walking | 1 minute biking

Quality craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation drive the team at Fort Point Beer Company. With strong San Francisco pride, a fresh, young character and a historic backbone, they’re a must-try in the city.

Station | Fruitvale (Oakland)

Ale Industries

Directions: 4 minutes walking | 2 minutes biking

At Ale Industries, they refuse to let their beers be classified into styles types or profiles. The best way to find the perfect beer to satisfy your taste buds is to talk to your bartender. He’ll also be able to tell you all about their innovative brewing technologies that save energy and reduce waste!

Station | Hayward

Buffalo Bill’s Brewery

Breweries close to Bart stations

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Bill’s Brewery and Cathy Breslow

Directions: 10 minutes walking | 6 minutes biking

In 1983 Buffalo Bill’s Brewery pioneered a bold new direction in American brewing and still stands out today as one of the Bay Area’s most unique — and one of the oldest. Try the Orange Blossom Cream Ale to welcome spring with a touch of orange peel and honey!

Station | Lake Merritt (Oakland)

Independent Brewing Company

Directions: 7 minutes walking | 4 minutes biking

Dogs, kids and cats are all welcome in the Independent Brewing Company Tasting Room! Stop by any day of the week, get a tour of the facility and taste some of the newest brews in the Bay.

Station | MacArthur (Oakland)

Temescal Brewing

Breweries close to Bart stations

Photo courtesy of Temescal Brewing

Directions: 4 minutes walking | 2 minutes biking

At Temescal Brewing, you can bring your own outside food or check the food truck schedule to taste one of the Bay’s best. Bring your kids and your dogs along for free popcorn while you taste any of their rotating beers.

Station | Montgomery St (SF)

ThirstyBear Organic Brewery

Breweries close to Bart stations

Photo courtesy of ThirstyBear Organic Brewery and Eric Wolfinger

Directions: 7 minutes walking | 2 minutes biking

ThirstyBear is San Francisco’s first and only certified organic craft brewery. With a special emphasis on pilsners, IPAs, stouts, Belgian-inspired ales, cask-conditioned ales, session beers, and barrel aged brews, they pair hand-crafted beer with critically acclaimed Spanish tapas.

21st Amendment Brewery

Directions: 15 minutes walking | 7 minutes biking

21st Amendment is one of San Francisco’s most recognized craft brew names. At the SF restaurant, you can get their award-winning beers, weekend brunch and classic pub fare.

Black Hammer Brewing

Black Hammer Brewing

Photo courtesy of Black Hammer Brewing

Directions: 16 minutes walking | 9 minutes biking

Join Black Hammer Brewing in their beach-inspired tasting room — surrounded by a hand-colored copper bar, reclaimed wood, skylights, cozy seating and local paintings. Bring your dogs, your kids, and your outside food and settle in for an afternoon!

Station | Powell St (SF)  

Bartlett Hall

Breweries close to Bart stations

Photo courtesy of Bartlett Hall

Directions: 7 minutes walking | 3 minutes biking

At Bartlett, you’ll find a strong San Francisco character and an atmosphere complete with beers brewed in-house, regional favorites, artisan cocktails, California wines and a menu of upscale bar food.

Local Brewing Co.

Directions: 19 minutes walking | 7 minutes biking

Local is a small batch brewery with an emphasis on freshness, innovation and approachable beers. Use their digital curator to choose a beer before you arrive or sit down for a chat with the bartender!

Station | Richmond

Benoit-Casper Brewing Co.

Breweries close to Bart stations

Photo courtesy of Benoit-Casper Brewing Co. and David Wong

Directions: 12 minutes walking | 4 minutes biking

If you have questions about artisan brewing and want to sample a brew or two while you learn, stop by Richmond’s Benoit-Casper Brewing Co. Take a tour, learn some science and taste a delicious, crafted beer.

Station | San Bruno

47 Hills Brewing Co.

Directions: 13 minutes walking | 6 minutes biking

At 47 Hills, the focus is on beer, of course, and the community that keeps craft beer and the Bay Area lively and welcoming. It all started in 2012 with two beer-loving friends and continues today with the same emphasis on friendship and risk-taking.

Station | Walnut Creek

Farm Creek Brewery

Directions: 8 minutes walking | 2 minutes biking

On August 4, 2016, after three years of dreaming and building, Farm Creek Brewery opened their doors and sold their first beer. They’ve nestled into Walnut Creek perfectly and created a home away from home — with plenty of delicious beer.

Station | West Oakland

Old Kan Brewing

Directions: 13 minutes walking | 4 minutes biking

Old Kan was founded by two Oaklanders, brews and cooks for Oaklanders and has an unmatched pride for the city. But, don’t worry, they’ll welcome anyone coming in from BART who wants to talk beer and the Bay.

Which brewery is your favorite?

As you tour the Bay via BART and its walkable brews, share your favorites with us! And if we missed your go-to brewery, let us know!

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