15 Unique Food Trucks in the Bay Area You Need to Try

|June 20, 2017

Food trucks will never get old. Bay Area events with Off the Grid, Moveable Feast and SoMa StrEat Food Park will ensure they stick around here for years to come. But even without all the local food truck celebrations and festivals, we think our area’s stand-out mobile eateries would keep the scene alive and well themselves. They certainly keep us coming back for more!

And with the culinary environment we’ve come to love in SF, East Bay and the surrounding communities, it makes sense that our area food trucks would put together some of the most delicious cuisines, whether you’re curbside or inside. We picked out a few of our favorites from San Francisco to San Jose so you can dive into food truck culture this year. Track these down, try them for yourself and let us know which ones you can’t get enough of!

Steamin Burger

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The Steamin Burger Food Truck San Francisco

Photos courtesy of The Steamin Burger

The Steamin Burger is the first and only stuffed, steamed burger truck in the world. Not only are their burgers stuffed with delicious toppings — including the famous jalapeño option — they’re also steamed instead of grilled. This means no oil or grease is added during cooking and much of the fat from the meat is drained out. After a meal from Steamin Burger, you won’t feel like you’ve eaten a greasy burger, but you will be planning your next trip back!

The Waffle Roost

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The Waffle Roost truck combines an authentic Belgian waffle recipe perfected through generations and traditional buttermilk fried chicken with a little kick. Throw in a few sides like Aged Cheddar Mac N Cheese, Fresh Sweet Potato Chips and Crispy Spiced Cauliflower, and you have a delectable meal that adds Southern flair to any occasion. Every recipe is made fresh in small batches every day — from the Churro Waffles to the spicy waffle sandwich.

808 Poke Shack

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808 Poke Food Truck Bay Area

Photo courtesy of 808 Poke Shack and Jeremy Sherman Photography

This San Francisco food truck serves up traditional Hawaiian Poke and Hawaiian fusion cuisine. Their famous Ahi Poke Bowl comes in six different flavor options from Wasabi Ginger to Kimchee. For sushi lovers, we also suggest the Ahi Taco or the trendy Sushi Burrito! But if you’re not a fish fan, there are plenty of mouth-watering chicken and pork belly options as well.

KoJa Kitchen

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KoJa Kitchen Food Truck Bay Area

Photo courtesy of KoJa Kitchen

KoJa Kitchen became famous as their food truck traveled around the Bay Area. After appearances on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins & Dives and Eat Street, the team opened their first full-service restaurant in 2014. Now, in addition to the truck, they serve Korean-Japanese fare out of restaurants in San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley, Emeryville, San Mateo, Fresno, Walnut Creek and Rocklin.

If you’ve never tried KoJa before, start with their signature gourmet sandwich infused with a unique combination of Korean and Japanese flavors served on freshly made, crispy garlic rice buns.


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J-Shack Bay Area Food Truck

Photo courtesy of J-Shack

J-Shack is San Francisco’s first food truck specializing in Japanese-style crêpes. The mobile crêperie brings Japan’s favorite street food to the streets of SF — and we couldn’t be happier! The style is more casual than traditional French crêpes and is a handheld treat or meal you can enjoy any time of day. Customize yours or choose something from the menu which ranges from traditional dessert to unique, savory crêpes.

Del Popolo

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Del Popolo San Francisco Food Truck

Photos courtesy of Del Popolo

Del Popolo launched as a mobile pizzeria in May of 2012, churning out Neapolitan-inspired pizza from a glass-enclosed shipping container on a Freightliner truck. Inside the twenty-foot transatlantic shipping container, you’ll find a traditional, Italian-made wood-fired oven and a full kitchen.Today, they also have a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Nob Hill and still operate the truck a couple times each week.

Adam’s Grub Truck

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Adam's Grub Truck San Francisco Food Truck

Photo courtesy of Adam’s Grub Truck

If you’re a fan of Bay Area food trucks or The Travel Channel, you’ve probably heard of Adam’s Grub Truck and their famous Kraken sandwich. Of all their Asian and comfort food fusions, The Kraken is the most well-known. Served on a toasted Brioche bun, you’ll get two lemon, pepper and garlic fried soft shell crabs, pickled ginger, Sriracha, avocado wasabi, roasted seaweed, bacon and Asian slaw.

Whichever meal you choose, you’re guaranteed a brand new comfort food favorite. We recommend pairing it with the Ultimate AGT Fries topped with Drunken Pulled Pork, Asian slaw, two dinosaur chicken nuggets and other mouth-watering additions.

The Chairman

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The Chairman San Francisco Food Truck

Photo courtesy of The Chairman and David Nip of DPN Imaginations

The Chairman has a truck and a brick and mortar location in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Chef Hiroo Nagahara began the project with a mission to blur the line between street food and restaurant food. Now, this bright and exciting eatery serves food inspired by the original street food of Asia — bold, spicy, unique, fast and delicious!

Ceviche & Co

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Ceviche & Co Bay Area Food Truck

Photos courtesy of Ceviche & Co

If you’ve ever wanted authentic Latin ceviche on the go, your prayers have been answered. This East Bay favorite is the first of its kind serving the freshest in Ecuadorian and Latin food. Now you can dine curbside in the Bay with some of the tastiest Braised Pork Empanadas, Fried Plantains and the Ceviche of the Day!

Grilled Cheese Bandits

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Grilled Cheese Bandits San Francisco Food Truck

Photos courtesy of Grilled Cheese Bandits and Melisa Masuda

Grilled cheese isn’t new on the food truck scene, but the Grilled Cheese Bandits food truck turns the classic sandwich into an art form. You can’t go wrong with fresh ingredients like smoked salmon, Gruyere, Black Forest Ham, truffle oil and organic San Francisco sourdough bâtard. If you’re brand new to Grilled Cheese Bandits, try The Kid, the classic American cheese and white bread sandwich. Or jump right in with The Sundance Kid, Gruyere, mild cheddar and a sunny-side-up egg served open-face on San Francisco Sourdough.

Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile

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Oaxacan Kitchen San Jose Food Trucks

Photos courtesy of Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile and Ron Kent

After selling Oaxacan Mole Negro and tamales at the Palo Alto Farmers’ Market then owning and operating The Oaxacan Kitchen restaurant in Palo Alto, founder Ron Kent took to the streets. Today, Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile serves authentic Mexican food created with seasonal ingredients sourced from local purveyors — and the classic Oaxacan Mole Negro is still a famed mainstay.

Southern Comfort Kitchen

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Southern Comfort Kitchen is a long-time favorite in the Bay Area. Run by three brothers all the way from New Orleans, the truck offers authentic Cajun cuisine. And the mouth-watering smell alone will satisfy your craving for NOLA classics. Good luck choosing a meal from the gourmet menu! We suggest the classic Catfish Po’ Boy or the Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich. As long as you order a side of signature Crab Fries, you’ll be asking where you can find them next!

Upper Cut Truck

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Upper Cut Food Truck San Francisco Food Trucks

Photo courtesy of Upper Cut Truck

With Upper Cut Truck, Chef Marty Damyan brings sous vide cuisine to the streets. This cooking technique utilizes precise temperature control to deliver consistent, restaurant-quality meals and Damyan’s menu includes everything from a duck bowl and duck confit taco to double down sliders and a gourmet salmon bowl. If you’re looking for a signature dish that will bring you back again and again, order the Oinkster — sliders served with pork shoulder, candied jalapeños and southeast Carolina sauce.


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Treatbot San Francisco Food Trucks

Photo courtesy of Treatbot

Treatbot, the karaoke ice cream truck, is a fire engine red truck that churns out homemade ice cream and lively music as it drives the streets of San Jose. The flavors are made from scratch and reflect the founder’s Filipino heritage as well as the cultural diversity of the neighborhoods in and around San Jose. Grab a cone and a microphone, eat up and sing out!

Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos

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Rocko's Ice Cream Tacos San Francisco Food Trucks

Photos courtesy of Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos

Ice cream tacos will never get old and Rocko’s mobile dessert truck is reinventing the childhood favorite with sustainability in mind. Their ice-cold, chocolatey, delicious treats leave out all the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives so the true flavors and artistry can stand out. And the not-so-secret final ingredient is a dip into liquid nitrogen to bind all of the goodness without any of the mess!

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