The Top 12 Bay Area Juice Bars To Get a Health Boost

|August 10, 2017

In recent years, there’s been a nation-wide health kick with a strong focus on whole foods and local ingredients — and San Francisco Bay Area is one of the best places to find these items. After all, we have more than one hundred farmers’ markets from South Bay to Marin!

In the off chance you can’t make it to a market — or you don’t have time to make your own meal — there are plenty of healthy, whole food options in the Bay Area where you and your family can find sustenance.

To get started, we rounded up the Bay’s best juice bars. Each one is serving up fresh pressed and whole blended beverages or snacks that will energize you, cleanse your body and boost your healthy habits. Sip, sip, hooray!

Sow Juice | SF

Find it in Embarcadero | Like on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

Sow Juice San Francisco Juice Bars

Photo courtesy of Sow Juice and C+N Creative

Located outside the Ferry Building on the north end, Sow Juice’s beverages aren’t just healthy; they’re sustainable, too! Using ingredients sourced directly from California growers, the produce, herbs and flowers are mixed the same day as they arrive. Stop by for a seasonal blend in true farm-to-juice bar fashion!

Nourish Cafe | SF

Find it in Nob Hill + Inner Richmond | Like on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

With two locations in San Francisco, Nourish Cafe a 100% plant-based cafe offering salads, smoothies, juices, sandwiches, baked goods and more. With only natural sugars and minimal oils, the team puts together some of the healthiest, tastiest and most Instagrammable treats! Come by for lunch, grab a sandwich and take a juice to go.

Thrive Juicery | SF

Find it in Embarcadero | Like on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

Thrive Juicery San Francisco California Juice Bars

Photo courtesy of Thrive Juicery

Thrive serves juices, nut milks, Immunoboosters, wraps and oats out of their humble Embarcadero storefront. Made on a large hydraulic cold press that keeps the nutrients and ingredients pure, each bottle of Thrive Juice contains more than three pounds of raw, organic produce. Start a cleanse, get a juice delivered, or stop in to say hello!

Sidewalk Juice | SF + Burlingame

Find it in The Mission + The Mission + Burlingame | Like on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

With three locations in the Bay Area and another coming in Daly City, Sidewalk Juice has been nourishing the region since the first shop opened in 2006. Taste their juices, smoothies, kombucha juice blends, wheatgrass shots, ginger shots and healthy snacks for yourself and you’ll be hooked.

Juice Shop | SF + Corte Madera  

Find it in eight locations | Like on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

Juice Shop San Francisco California Juice Bars

Photo courtesy of Juice Shop and Molly DeCoudreaux

Anywhere you go in San Francisco you can rest assured you’ll be near a Juice Shop — from SoMA to Cow Hollow and even Corte Madera in Marin! Using only 100% organic, non-GMO ingredients with a focus on local farmers, all juices are extracted using a hydraulic press to keep the ingredients cold and the nutrients whole. Read the family’s story of recovery that led to the founding of Juice Shop.

Juice Bar Collective | Berkeley

Find it in Berkeley | Like on Facebook

The Juice Bar Collective was founded in Berkeley in 1976 and has been worker-owned ever since. As a Bay Area certified Green Business, this collective is committed to using organic produce, beans, grains, eggs and dairy whenever possible. Taste the difference in their juices, smoothies and full lunch menu.

Super Juiced | Oakland

Find it in Old Oakland | Like on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

Super Juiced San Francisco California Juice Bars

Photos courtesy of Super Juiced

If you need more convincing before you stop by Oakland’s Super Juice, just check out their swoon-worthy Instagram. There, you’ll find new, seasonal blends like the Summer Moon with creamy coconut milk, local organic strawberries, peaches, mango, orange and orange blossom water. Owned by two, health-conscious Oakland locals, you’ll taste the passion for nutritious, organic ingredients and local business with each sip!  

Cafe Crush | Oakland

Find it in Piedmont Avenue | Like on Facebook

Cafe Crush offers whole veggie eats and green drinks, ensuring their products are diabetic-friendly, mostly gluten-free and always nut-free. With rules founded in delicious and healthy nourishment, the team at this Oakland shop is inspired by tastiness first. Try anything from their menu and you’ll agree that they’ve reached their goal!

Marana | Oakland

Find it in Uptown | Like on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

Whether you’re looking for local Ritual Coffee or a fresh veggie and fruit-packed juice, Marana is a one stop shop. They offer sweet treats like the Nutella Scrumptious, hearty smoothies like the Beet Blaster, and a full line-up of nutrient rich juices. See the menu here and stop in to get a taste.

Vitamina Juices & Blends | San Jose

Find it in Downtown San Jose | Like on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

Vitamina Juice Bars San Jose

Photo courtesy of Vitamina Juices & Blends and Margot Uchicua

Named after the Spanish word for vitamin, Vitamina is a family-owned juice bar that has been serving San Jose out of their Downtown storefront since 2015. According to the team, “Our mission is to provide our community a healthy alternative of beverages and food derived from natural and fresh ingredients.” Check out the menu then stop in for a sip and delicious meal.

Origins Juicery | San Jose + Redwood City

Find it in Downtown San Jose + Centennial | Like on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

To stand out from the crowd, Origins Juicery, a San Jose original, cold presses their beverages in-house daily. You can choose from the ten tried and true favorites or try a Pressed To Spec bottle; just mark your fruit and vegetable selections right on the side of the bottle and have your custom cold-pressed juice prepared for you on the spot!

Main Squeeze | Oakland

Find it in Lakeshore | Like on Facebook | Follow on Instagram

Powered by delicious antioxidants, Main Squeeze serves up some of Oakland’s best juices, acaí bowls and smoothies. Add your own touches with a Wellness Shot or Enhancers like Hemp Protein, Coconut Flakes or Bee Pollen. Whatever you order, we’re pretty sure it’ll bring you back again and again.

Happy sipping!  

Did we miss your go-to Bay Area juice bar? Let us know in the comments!

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