The 11 Best Hard Ciders Made in the Bay Area

|September 21, 2017

Come fall, we can’t help but crave a seasonal treat; it’s one of our favorite things about the season! We get pumpkin flavored foods, autumn-inspired menus and the steamy, cinnamon packed coffees and lattes we’ve all come to love.

Cider, and especially adult hard cider, brings all of those fall characteristics together while showcasing one of the season’s best harvests. And when we can sip something made locally right here in the Bay Area, we love it even more.

To help you track down the region’s best hard ciders — including wine cider blends and one pumpkin concoction — we rounded up the Bay’s most innovative brewers, fermenters and blenders. With one cider house-gastropub thrown in for good measure, you’ll be able to sip cider year-round!

Tilted Shed Ciderworks

7761 Bell Road, Windsor | Facebook

From their Sonoma County cidery and orchard, Tilted Shed strives to elevate the apple to greatness and highlight its best attributes. The team grows and uses dozens of apple varieties, from multi-purpose heirlooms to the tannic cider types whose only purpose is to be fermented. Through trials at the Sebastopol cider orchard, they’re discovering which apples thrive here and which ones make the region’s best hard ciders. Scroll through their list of seasonal options,  join the Cider Club, and learn more about the history and the team.


1160 Polk St, San Francisco | Facebook

Upcider doesn’t make their own beverages, but they are the San Francisco destination for cider fans! As a cider house-gastropub, they offer an impressive lineup of apple-inspired beverages made in the Bay Area, the Central Valley and even on the other side of the world. Served alongside wines, beers and a delicious late night, light-fare menu, their Nob Hill pub is the perfect place for a flight and food pairing!

Tag + Jug Cider Co.

995 9th St, San Francisco | Facebook

Tag + Jug Cider Co. came together from a family history of reinvention, nation-wide travels and the unique character found only in San Francisco. In 2013, the owner stumbled upon a family-owned orchard in the Sierra Foothills and started making cider from a proprietary blend of their sustainably grown apples. Inspired by the original, old-world ciders that were less sweet and more acidic, you’ll find various blends fermented with various wines and Champagne yeasts.

Crooked City Cider

477 25th Street, Oakland | Facebook

crooked city hard cider oakland california east bay

Photo courtesy of Crooked City Cider

Oakland’s original cider, Crooked City serves up a variety of craft concoctions at select Oakland bars and restaurants, and at their shared tasting room in Uptown Oakland. Produced in small batches on the premises, the team at Crooked City starts with fresh, unfiltered apple juice pressed locally in Northern California and uses no artificial flavorings or added sugars. Get more details and find out what’s pouring in the tap room here.

South City Ciderworks

1236 Montgomery Ave, San Bruno | Facebook

South city hard cider san jose california

Photo courtesy of South City Ciderworks

Founded in 2015, South City Ciderworks is an urban cider company that makes great beverages while making a difference in our communities. Using only fresh-pressed, West Coast apples, each cider is a balanced, sessionable brew and you can sip it knowing your purchase helped a Bay Area non-profit! Learn more about how South City helps these organizations and check out their flagship ciders.

Far West Cider Co.

1325 Canal Blvd, Richmond | Facebook

Far West hard cider bay area california

Photo courtesy of Far West Cider Co. and Sung Park Photography

This East Bay cider company harvests and presses all their apples on Chinchiolo Family Farms in San Joaquin County. Then, every batch is fermented, aged and packaged in the team’s working cidery in the historic Port of Richmond. Here, you can stop by for yourself and taste a flight; and when you fall in love with a drink or two, you can take home a growler! Use their interactive map to find out where else you can pick up some Far West Cider.

Redwood Coast Cider

821 Cherry Ln, San Carlos | Facebook

This old-world, American made and hand crafted hard cider is made on site in the Redwood Coast Cider San Carlos cidery. Inside the taproom (and at various other Bay Area bars and restaurants), you can taste their traditional blends, the fruity favorites and new, botanical ciders. If you love their drinks as much as we do, consider joining The Mug Club!

Red Branch Cider Company

1246 Birchwood Dr, Sunnyvale | Facebook

Red Branch hard cider bay area california

Photo courtesy of Siobhan Faul-Red Branch Cider Company

At Red Branch Cider, they mix art, science, sweat and hard work to craft ciders that define quality and flavor with every sip. Offering both traditional and seasonal ciders with an innovative honey twist, you can grab a glass for yourself inside the Sunnyvale tap room or shop online and have it sent almost anywhere! Learn more about their drinks and small batch creations here.

Ace Cider

2064 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol | Facebook

This Sonoma cider is known all over the country today, but it has been produced in the Bay Area since 1993 — always out of their original, independent, family-owned cidery. With everything from traditional apple and fruity pear to pineapple and even hard pumpkin cider, you can find their blends almost anywhere. But here in the Bay Area, we recommend stopping in at the Sebastopol Cider Pub!

Brooks Dry Cider

Sonoma County | Facebook

Brooks Dry Cider Sonoma County California Hard cider

Photo courtesy of Brooks Dry Cider

Crafted in the heart of Sonoma County, Brooks Dry Cider is not sweet, but fine and dry like the fresh juice and champagne yeast it’s made from. Created with a blend of Fuji, Ginger Gold, Granny, Honeycrisp and Red Delicious apples, each bottle is balanced and refreshing and can be found in a store near you.


357 E Taylor St, San Jose | Facebook

This South Bay staple produces wild ciders with a wild kick and plenty of wacky flavor combos. For example, The Wildcide is the classic, traditional apple made with juice freshly arrived at the San Jose cidery. But The Wildmule is all the flavors of a Moscow Mule in one, easy bottle: Wildcide’s original cider, pure cane sugar syrup, the fresh juice of limes and tasty Peruvian Ginger. Find it in a nearby store today!

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