How to Design the Perfect Dining Room Inspired By These Bay Area Homes for Sale

|October 17, 2017

Whether you have a large space, a dedicated room or just a small area, dining room design can often be the most challenging. It’s the place we gather for special occasions, family holidays and dinner parties so it needs to be simultaneously warm, inviting, suitable for entertaining and stylish. But it’s a challenge we can make fun and a challenge we can certainly overcome. 

To collect as much inspiration as we could, we looked through the Bay Area’s most beautiful homes for sale. Each one has a beautiful dining room we want to gather in and a stand out design we want to mimic — whether the table is found in a room, a shared space or a charming nook.

Large Spaces

Large rooms and dedicated dining rooms are some of our favorite spaces to decorate because they beg for drama, can adopt a character independent from the rest of the home and still maintain an atmosphere of warmth. Because after all, the dining room is where we want to gather with our closest friends and family to share food and memories.

Traditional Style always excels in grand, luxurious spaces because it comes straight from elegant European histories and decor. Set against dramatic wood floors and walls with a towering cabinet to match, traditional was the right choice in this San Francisco dining room.

415 17th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94121

This dining room can be found in 415 17th Avenue, listed by Robert Moffatt.

Characterized by furniture with old-world shapes and simple colors, we love the way this traditional pieces and neutral off-white hues complement the woods throughout the room. And because the rest of the home is filled with stark whites, brighter colors and more modern design, the dining room sets itself apart as a special room — a darker, warmer and cozier space. See the rest of the home here.

415 17th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94121

This dining room can be found in 415 17th Avenue, listed by Robert Moffatt.   

In this Hillsborough home, style is elevated by sheer space and grandeur. In the dining room, you’ll find a brilliant combination of rustic and modern created by a live edge table paired with a glamorous light fixture and copper detailed chairs. We love the way metallics contrast the natural shapes and colors of the wood flooring and the table!

30 Miranda Court Hillsborough, CA 94010

This dining room can be found in 30 Miranda Court, listed by Kim Gelman.

The sweeping view directly outside the dining room may be something you can’t easily replicate, but it creates a soothing atmosphere of contrast that you can. Similar to the natural versus the metallic, the large windows provide a contrast between interior warmth and closeness versus exterior space and openness.

30 Miranda Court Hillsborough, CA 94010

This dining room can be found in 30 Miranda Court, listed by Kim Gelman.

A bright, sunshine-filled room like this San Francisco dining room makes us really excited about decorating because natural light fits so many trendy styles: Scandinavian, Mid-century Modern, Urban Modern and Contemporary. This room pairs historical shapes and light woods like the table and the mid-century cabinet with modern chairs, lights, textiles and art. In classic Contemporary style, it’s cozy and trendy at the same time!

947 Green Street # 2 San Francisco, CA 94133

This dining room can be found in 947 Green Street #2, listed by Adam Gavzer.

Smaller Spaces

Contrary to popular belief, dining rooms are not reserved just for large family homes. Especially in San Francisco and other urban centers, we oftentimes have to get creative with our tables. But this can result in a fun design challenge and some of the most stylish kitchens and dining areas we’ve seen yet!

The design in this San Francisco home stands out for plenty of reasons, but we’ll restrict ourselves to the dining room (to see the rest, click here). Nestled into a nook off the kitchen, the four-person modern glass table has stunning natural wood on one side and a stark stainless kitchen on the other.

This dining room can be found in 158 Missouri Street, listed by William Freeman + Jamie Comer.

The two contrasting textures are brought together perfectly by a two-story wall of windows and simple tile that matches the simple black chairs. A classic move in modern design, the glass table takes up less visual space allowing for the textures and simplicity to shine.

158 Missouri Street San Francisco, CA 94107

This dining room can be found in 158 Missouri Street, listed by William Freeman + Jamie Comer.

We won’t try to hide our love for this beautiful Oakland home — we couldn’t if we tried. Urban Modern from front to back and top to bottom, contemporary natural woods, industrial details and statement decor create a trendy urban environment that epitomizes the new style.

2323 Magnolia # 4 Oakland, CA 94607

This dining room can be found in 2323 Magnolia #4, listed by Marika Sakellariou.

Just off the kitchen, the dining table creates its own dedicated space through the use of statement lighting and industrial-style seating. The two-story ceiling and glass wall make the space naturally bright and the use of light woods and stainless accessories enhances that, making a cozy space feel large and grand.

2323 Magnolia # 4 Oakland, CA 94607

This dining room can be found in 2323 Magnolia #4, listed by Marika Sakellariou.

Shared Spaces

Especially common in modern apartment homes and Bay Area’s stereotypical Edwardian buildings, dining rooms are often nestled in the spaces between the kitchen and the living room. To make the most of these areas, you can use design to set the dining room apart instead of losing it in the coziness of the living room and the bustle of the kitchen while still maintaining a consistent design.

Contemporary style meets the warmth of the countryside in this beautiful San Geronimo home. The floorplan is one we often see in the city and in the Bay Area; the long shape transitions from a tall living room through a lower-ceilinged dining room and eventually to the kitchen.

11 Chaparral Lane San Geronimo, CA 94963

This dining room can be found in 11 Chaparral Lane, listed by Lotte and Sarah.

To keep the design consistent, similar natural woods are used from kitchen cabinets through the hardwood floors and to the dining table and chairs. Then similar fabrics are pulled from the living room furniture and mimicked in the statement chairs at the table. But the space is set apart with a large, dramatic art piece, a statement light and a one-of-a-kind natural wood table.

11 Chaparral Lane San Geronimo, CA 94963

This dining room can be found in 11 Chaparral Lane, listed by Lotte and Sarah.

In this stunning Oakland home, modern design flourishes. Risks are taken with the interior furniture, art, light fixtures and architectural shapes to set the home apart and create a beautiful trendy atmosphere. In the open space shared by the kitchen and dining room, the spaces are seamless in their color palettes with similar whites and shades of blue.

3202 Helen Street Oakland, CA 94608

This dining room can be found in 3202 Helen Street, listed by Claudia Mills.

But the dining room is made unique with the use of a bright, statement art piece and a chic light fixture. And the separation is made complete with the choices made at the kitchen island: the only dark woods in the space come from the stools here which act as a barrier between the two rooms — in height and in style.

This dining room can be found in 3202 Helen Street, listed by Claudia Mills.

Which dining room is inspiring your home design?  

Let us know which room you like the most in the comments below! Is there one you like so much you want to make it your own?

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