30 Instagram Famous Dogs in San Francisco You Should Be Following

|May 24, 2018

If you don’t live in San Francisco, it may surprise you to hear our hometown is a dog-friendly city. There are more than 30 dog parks in our 7×7 city, including beaches, parks with acreage, and fenced play areas. If you do live in San Francisco, you’re probably used to seeing dogs everywhere you go. And you’ve probably spotted a few from this list!

We’re celebrating SF dogs today with a round-up of Instagram’s finest. So if you want a little local expertise, adventures and dog love, be sure to follow these pups!

Coconut Rice Bear

Instagram: @coconutricebear

Coconut Rice Bear went viral for his motivational rao raos and he still motivates us every day!

Who wants to go hiking with me? Come this way and I’ll lead the way!

A post shared by Coconut Rice Bear (@coconutricebear) on

Chompers the Corgi

Instagram: @chompersthecorgi

Chompers is a little Corgi living a big city life.


Instagram: @talesoforion

We love following along on all of Ori’s adventures outside — especially at Fort Funston!

A post shared by Ori (@talesoforion) on


Instagram: @tacoismyfriend

This Shiba Inu goes on adventures all over the city.

Spotted Humphrey

Instagram: @spottedhumphery

Humphrey is a French Bulldog who knows how to work the camera.

The mermaid pose ‍♀️

A post shared by Spotted Humphrey (@spottedhumphrey) on


Instagram: @peanutbutter_skippy

Maltese and Poodle mix, Skippy knows how to live big in the city.

Project Runway ️

A post shared by Skippy (@peanutbutter_skippy) on

Mister Meatloaf

Instagram: @mmthepug

Mister Meatloaf isn’t just an Instagram famous dog; he’s a style icon.

A post shared by Mister Meatloaf (@mmthepug) on

Tusker Bear

Instagram: @tuskerbear

This Bull Terrier has lived all over the country but now calls San Francisco home.

A post shared by Tusker Bear (@tuskerbear) on

Mavis The Mutt

Instagram: @mavisthemutt

Mavis is a rescue mutt — and proud of it!

A post shared by Mavis The Mutt (@mavisthemutt) on

Moki, Frida and Pandora

Instagram: @piggiesandapitty

This adorable trio is made up of two guinea pigs and one charming Pitbull.

Bacon The Mini Aussie

Instagram: @australian_bacon

We dig you too, Bacon.

Buck the Mutt

Instagram: @buckthemutt_sf

Buck knows how to appreciate a good San Francisco view.

Sundays: sleep until you’re hungry, eat until you’re sleepy.

A post shared by Buck the Mutt (@buckthemutt_sf) on

Stitch The French Bulldog

Instagram: @sincerelystitch

Stitch’s parents are photography and social media superstars, @bybrittanybrown and @andrewoptics.


Instagram: @everyonelovesmav

Everyone loves Mav (us included!).

Locke the Maltipoo

Instagram: @littlelocke

Professional ball chaser, Locke, goes on plenty of San Francisco adventures.


Instagram: @bradythebordercollie

A Border Collie and a view!

A post shared by Brady (@bradythebordercollie) on


Instagram: @wallie_does_life

Wallie is an adorable Shiba Inu and you can follow along as he does life right in San Francisco.

A post shared by Wallie (@wallie_does_life) on

Echo the Aussie

Instagram: @echo.theaussie

When you follow Echo, you get goofy photos, handsome shots and training videos.

Kala Titah McLovin

Instagram: @kala_titah_mclovin

This San Francisco sweetheart is all about the good life — and the good life definitely includes treats.


Instagram: @tibbielalola

Lola is a view seeker and a street art lover. Follow her to get a little bit of both!

A post shared by * L O L A * (@tibbielalola) on


Instagram: @nothingcomparestoroux

You’re right, nothing compares to Roux — or Neighbor’s Corner.

A post shared by Roux (@nothingcomparestoroux) on


Instagram: @gizmopomsky

Gizmo is a Pomsky with an adorable signature stare.

A post shared by Gizmo (@gizmopomsky) on


Instagram: @benny_the_berner

Benny the Bernese Mountain Dog knows all the best places to go in the city.

Pooka the Doodle

Instagram: @pooka.doodle

This Mini Goldendoodle is as beautiful as San Francisco.

Found my throne

A post shared by Pooka the Doodle (@pooka.doodle) on


Instagram: @dukethesammy

Sir Duke, indeed.

Sir Duke

A post shared by Duke (@dukethesammy) on

Simón the Poodle

Instagram: @mylifewithsimonthepoodle

Simón knows fashion — and all the best dog products!  


Instagram: @_butterpup

This Pomchi may be a bit guarded and shy with strangers, but Butter certainly knows how to pose for a great photo.

Modeling in my natural habitat. #throwbackthursday

A post shared by Butter (@_butterpup) on


Instagram: @wifi.pup

This adopted Heeler mix has completely stolen our hearts (and our beer).

A post shared by Wifi (@wifi.pup) on

Lunafreya (Luna) the Samoyed

Instagram: @lunafreya_samoyed

Say hello to Luna next time you see her at SoMa StrEat Food Park!

Hoping and praying that someone drops a slice

A post shared by Lunafreya (Luna) the Samoyed (@lunafreya_samoyed) on

Remington & Casparius

Instagram: @casperxremi

This brother and sister duo should definitely be in your feed.

Happy tails

Do you have an Instagram famous dog in the Bay Area? Post a link to their profile in the comments below!

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