Why Spring is a Great Time to Sell Your Home in the Bay Area

|April 5, 2019

If you ask Google when is the best time to sell my home you’ll find a lot of people telling you to list in the spring no matter where you live. However, there are a huge number of local factors that come into play especially in regions like the Bay Area where our seasonal climates aren’t quite as differentiated.

In fact, the selling season in San Francisco is often labeled as early fall—a short stint from Labor Day to Thanksgiving. This is due in large part to the month of August which can be a slow month for selling. As a result, many people wait to list their homes until that period ends, so September sees a great surge in new listings.

But the spring season shouldn’t be discounted either and is also a huge selling season here in the Bay Area due to both national and local factors. Homes can sell more quickly, see more competition and sell at higher prices.

In our constantly fluctuating and quickly moving market, navigating the ins and outs of real estate can be hugely difficult. When do you list and at what price and when do you accept an offer? Luckily, you don’t have to do any of this alone.

Today, we’re rounding up a few of the top reasons to sell your home in the spring taking into account both local and national factors. And when you are ready to begin the process, please contact us directly so we can connect you with our team of local experts.

1. Buyers are more active.

In national trends, weather plays a major role in the spring housing market. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, people, in general, are more active and more willing to visit homes and explore neighborhoods. In San Francisco, this also plays a role. Winter rains are slowing down and, while temperatures haven’t reached summer or fall heights, they can be pleasant and mild.

But buyer activity isn’t just dependent on the weather. Many families also begin house hunting and buying during the spring so they can move and settle into a new home while the kids are on summer break.

For both of these reasons, sellers can enjoy more attendees at open houses, more buyers in total and better offers during the spring.

2. More competition enters the market.

San Francisco Real Estate selling in the spring

After the slow winter months, housing inventory, sales and prices tend to peak in March, April and May. And while this means the spring season causes more competition for sellers, it also means homes typically sell at the greatest percentage of list price. That’s because—especially in a market like the Bay Area where inventory moves quickly—buyers experience the brunt of competition during the spring season. And because buyers are competing with each other, they’re often motivated to make higher offers even far above the listing price in some cases.  

3. Homes sell at higher prices.

In recent years, despite a net loss in domestic migration, immigration from outside of the Bay Area has increased, resulting in an increase in total Bay Area population. This nearly constant demand for housing combines with the Bay Area’s strong market and higher buyer competition during the spring season to make homes sell quickly and at higher prices. In summary, as more buyers start looking for homes during the spring, they encounter that high demand and are urged to make even better offers to outpace competing buyers.

4. Curb appeal is better.

One of the most obvious reasons homes tend to sell better during the spring is that they simply look better. Whether buyers are standing outside looking at leafy trees and blooming front gardens or standing inside looking out on a lush backyard, they get the opportunity to see every room and area at its best.

5. It’s a good opportunity to show off the neighborhood.

things to know before moving to San Francisco California

As people get more active around the Bay Area—thanks, again, to the weather and school breaks—communities get more active, too. During the spring and summer months, San Francisco and other communities throughout the Bay Area celebrate with frequent events covering everything from neighborhood parties like Sunday Streets and the Glen Park Festival to huge, annual festivals like San Francisco International Beer Festival and the San Francisco International Arts Festival.

Need ideas on how to show off your community? Check out Discover Your View, our blog where we get to show off everything we love about the Bay Area from local coffee shops and museums to annual events and home inspiration.

6. It’s also a great time to buy.

Because the spring market is so active, sellers can enjoy a faster turnaround from selling to buying and moving into a new home. And because the spring season is active all across the country, this applies whether you’re staying in San Francisco, relocating in the Bay Area or moving somewhere else.

Need help selling your home?

McGuire Real Estate has been a driving force in the Bay Area real estate market for 100 years. That means our team has a century of experience living here, buying homes here and selling homes here. If you have any questions about the process or the community, please contact us directly.

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