Have Some Soup. Or Some Tea.

Stop. Have Some Soup. You just closed on your new home. Yay! I’m so happy for you. Now can forget all about escrow, title, mortgage rates, loan papers, docusign, notarization, wiring, funding, utilities and insurance....

December 5, 2018

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‘Twas the weekend before Halloween and I was looking for a house-hunting fairytale perfectly suited for the occasion. When what to my wandering mind should appear but the story of Bluebeard! Synopsis: The rich and powerful (but hideously ugly) Bluebeard seems to have a lot of trouble keeping a wife. One brilliant bride after another […]
I’ve been working at a breakneck pace, feeling skittered and scattered and running to keep up. Every morning begins with 10 minutes of meditation which — believe me — is hard to achieve. Monkey mind jumping with dream leftovers and to-do lists. An ache in my shoulder and a growl in my tummy. But it helps me […]

The House Was Quiet

October 22, 2018

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“The secret to humor is surprise.” ~ Aristotle
If my blog was a party there would be lots and lots of dancing.

If My Blog Was A…

October 1, 2018
I live in what is arguably the sunniest part of San Francisco, within a block of Dolores Park. As the fog fills in around us, our house sits in the donut hole of sunlight. That is, until the fog wind blasts eastward, obliterating the eye of the foggicane. You see, it’s never that sunny or […]

Just One Word

September 24, 2018
This week it’s all business. No ruminations about what home means or how to live more simply or why you should or shouldn’t sell your house. Instead I offer 3 fabulous listings, all available to be seen this weekend on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Check the websites for details! The Perfect Condo in NoPa: 1800 […]

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