Help! Everything’s Wrong!

A phenomenon that occurs when a property is nearly ready for market: Little details loom large. Tiny flaws show up in high relief. That’s because you’re getting down to the end. You’ve eaten the leaves and heart...

September 9, 2018

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One of the many things we love about the Bay Area and its thriving housing market is the opportunity to explore unique local styles. Styles vary from countryside charm in Marin County to luxury, urban homes in the heart of our cities and, of course, historic San Francisco Victorians. Today, we’re sharing all of these […]
Neighborhood Favorites—an award program hosted by Nextdoor—is an annual contest that gives locals a way to recognize their most-loved businesses and to recommend them to new residents, visitors and other locals. To calculate Neighborhood Favorite winners, the team at Nextdoor tallies recommendations from each business’ closest neighbors then adds in recommendations from n...

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We Never Close

August 27, 2018
Over nearly 100 years, we’ve come to love everything about our hometown and our Bay Area community. But if there’s one thing that will undoubtedly remind us just how much we love where we live, it’s the view. You’ve probably seen some of them already—even if you’ve never been to San Francisco. And you’ve definitely […]
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