There's Always A Piano

Conversely, the secret to navigating a surprise is humor — especially when it comes to something unexpected in a real estate transaction. One scrap of wisdom I share at the outset with new clients is this: There will...

October 9, 2018

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Contemporary design doesn’t refer to a specific period of time but reflects the current trends, character and styles of present-day design. Because so many of the today’s popular home designs often reference modern and mid-century modern, we’re showing off all three in a Bay Area roundup worthy of your home inspiration board. A Mid-Century Modern […]
I live in what is arguably the sunniest part of San Francisco, within a block of Dolores Park. As the fog fills in around us, our house sits in the donut hole of sunlight. That is, until the fog wind blasts eastward, obliterating the eye of the foggicane. You see, it’s never that sunny or […]

Just One Word

September 24, 2018

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This week it’s all business. No ruminations about what home means or how to live more simply or why you should or shouldn’t sell your house. Instead I offer 3 fabulous listings, all available to be seen this weekend on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Check the websites for details! The Perfect Condo in NoPa: 1800 […]
The East Bay is frequently defined by the bustling urban centers Oakland and Berkeley, but as one of the Bay Area’s largest regions, it offers much more than these two awesome cities. (Don’t worry, they’re both on our list, too). Today, we’re exploring a few of the East Bay’s best cities and communities to call […]
At the finish line for readying a home for sale, little details can loom large.
One of the many things we love about the Bay Area and its thriving housing market is the opportunity to explore unique local styles. Styles vary from countryside charm in Marin County to luxury, urban homes in the heart of our cities and, of course, historic San Francisco Victorians. Today, we’re sharing all of these […]

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