Finding the Season in San Francisco

I lived here for nearly a decade before I realized that – yes – San Francisco has an Autumn. I grew up in Virginia, where Fall hits you in the face every which way you turn. And then I lived in Sun Valley, Idaho, where...

October 9, 2017

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This Palo Alto home showcases some of San Francisco-based Niche Interiors' best work.
Fall has arrived and our new housing inventory proves it!

Fall Has Arrived!

October 5, 2017

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San Francisco’s Indian Summer arrived early this year, shocking many with triple-digit temperatures reaching a record-breaking 106 degrees on September 1. As the city cools down, residents can now come out from hiding just in time to celebrate our city’s 37th Annual Fleet Week. From October 2-9, San Francisco will honor the men and women […]
The National Association of Realtors sends out an online newsletter once a week. I skim it for headlines (Equifax Breach Could Stall Home Sales, 6 Tech Trends to Keep on Your Radar, Buy vs. Rent Index Still Leans Toward Buy). Sometimes I read the feature article. This week’s feature was 4 Things You Really Wish […]
Maybe you’re Jacques Pepin and you can’t get your knife on over Formica.
The very act of taking a picture creates a small ritual for saying goodbye.

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