A Realtor’s Less Obvious Joys

I write marketing copy for homes all the time. I can create a property brochure in no time flat, knowing which features to highlight and which buzz words to use. There’s a checklist and a word-count limit. But there...

June 18, 2018

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"Removing the only means of egress to a teen’s bedroom is...the sort of move guaranteed to ruin the parent-child relationship.”
The Bay Area offers an ideal combination of big city living and natural getaways. Urban hubs like San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland feature some of the country’s biggest attractions, restaurants and events and it’s all just minutes from oceanside escapes in the Peninsula and Marin County. Thanks in large part to their higher populations, urban […]

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Whenever families blend, there are major adjustments to be made…
"Summer is coming." – Ned Stark
Real estate investing can be a highly lucrative undertaking, and to a lot of people, the idea of investing in real estate is an intriguing prospect that they’d love to try. However, most people don’t ever actually take the initial leap. While it’s true there needs to be a bit of a financial buy-in to […]
I can’t believe… How lucky I am to live here and sell real estate here They got more than three million for that dump How much I love the houses in Midtown Terrace and Forest Knolls The way they staged the garage like someone would believe it’s a den How amazing this view is – […]

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