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Napa County was the only county to see its average sales price drop from Q2 2015, but it also saw the highest year-over-year gain among all 7 counties, with its $888,001 average sale up 14 percent from Q2 2015.
Napa County continued to experience increased demand, as evidenced in its record average home sale price of $964,164.
The Napa County home market was red hot in Q4 as buyers priced out of Marin County went all-in on this more affordably priced region in the North Bay.
Napa County provided some of the strongest activity in the entire Bay Area as buyers continue to flock in droves to this more-affordable alternative to the seven-figure counties.
An attractive spot for sellers priced out of the tight San Francisco market, Napa County had the strongest resurgence of rising home sales prices of any Bay Area County this quarter. Its average home sale of $840,461 was both a 6 percent increase from the previous quarter and a noteworthy 26 percent increase from Q3 […]
Napa County posted its strongest quarter of all time in terms of average home sales price, closing at $793,510 this quarter. This number was an 11 percent improvement over the previous quarter and a 19 percent gain from Q2 2013. Strong competition also led to homes in the wine country experiencing quick turn around times. […]
OVERVIEW The Bay Area’s real estate market continues to post strong gains, with prices rising during the month of May (year-over-year) in each of the seven counties in which McGuire does business. Buyers continue to outnumber sellers in the marketplace and interest rates remain attractive, helping to push prices higher and quicken the pace of […]