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Are you looking for someone to support you in finding your dream home? You get the luxury experience when investing or selling your property with our team. You receive his 20+ years of Dru’s insight and “people experience” in bringing your vision to fruition. Entrepreneurs and families hire him to support them in thriving, not just buying or selling in San Francisco. His focus is your RESULTS and your EXPERIENCE through YOUR process. Where you live is a huge part in defining the quality of your life; he supports you in finding the right fit at the right time. He wants you to invest for the most value; the best gains are made when we buy.


Dru is a San Francisco Realtor, experienced property manager, world-class coach, outstanding negotiator and investor. He started his real estate career at age twelve as the “blue print boy” at his father’s legendary international architectural firm Sandy Babcock International. He’s an SF native, who considers San Francisco his neighborhood. He went through his schooling and education with Town School, Saint Ignatius College Prep, University of San Francisco. He’s a husband and parent (of three vibrant young children), and he manages to stay extraordinarily energetic, healthy, and present.

He’s also a former commercial and instructor pilot and he knows how to navigate this process and this city in order that you create your results and have an outstanding experience in the process. He’s found the most success through making a workable flight plan of action and following it on a defined schedule. If creating fun and enjoyment consistently is a qualification, then he has the highest designation…  Let's have an adventure together!


Dru has an enormous passion for supporting people in creating and owning their personal fulfillment. He gets challenge; he’s been through some major ones including his young son’s, who was born needing a life-saving heart surgery. Don’t worry: it’s a very happy ending… He and his wife Andrea work with families who are experiencing similar challenges in their lives. They work with multiple organizations, supporting parents and children such as MissionBe.org, the Ronald McDonald House, the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital charities, and EARN.org. He’s living his life of service on multiple levels and in several ways.

Navigation & Resourcefulness:

Dru loves to fly high performance aircraft and he regularly kiteboards, surfs, sails, and competes in impossible, team athletic obstacle challenges and puzzles with friends. He believes that life is just a whole series of adventurous navigation problems to be solved. He says, let’s define where you are and where (specifically) you want to be, and we'll bring your mission to fruition together.

Dru is a true master of his domain. He knows SF real estate well enough to make a rookie investor feel like a professional. He saved me a bundle!

– Eliot Floersch

Dru is an amazing human being. He's trustworthy, honest, respectful, responsible and loving. He puts 110% effort to everything he's does. He won't let you done or try to screw you.

– Alika Medeiros

Dru is a caretaker. He does everything to figure out your particular needs and wants in order to find the best for you.

– Carin Astrup

Dru is a great person, he is very committed to his work and is highly reliable. What I love the most is his enthusiasm when it comes to meeting new people, and being of service to them. Is always a pleasure to be invited to his events and meetups.

– Jayya Yedid

In my work with Dru he brings vision to challenging problems while inspiring others to bring their best work. He easily connects with anyone he meets, learning their strengths, opportunities and needs to help them cut a clear path to their goals. He's an accomplished pilot who brings productive calm to challenges he faces.

– Brent Davidson

I've really enjoyed working with Dru in the past! He's an incredible problem solver and always ready to offer a creative solution or supportive words, whether it's on the topic of business or lifestyle decisions. He is someone that makes the needs of his clients a priority, and that's a wonderful person to have on your team!

– Crystal Veness

Dru is passionate about his work. His drive to help others and achieve extradonary outcomes through his work is outstanding. He simply truely cares about what he has to give to others. I recommend Dru to anyone who wants an impact in their lives.

– Kevin Kocian

Dru has been very generous with his time and is a caring person with great community building skills. He's very thoughtful and high integrity. Highly recommended!

– Ed Roman

In my dealings with Dru, I have found him to be a very strong person, who is very Mission-oriented. When he sets his aim on an outcome it happens and he brings everyone up with him. I like his smooth style; he stays calm no matter what.

– Jaz P

Among the many great things you get in working with Dru is an exceptionally positive can-do attitude. Dru is wired to deliver, whatever it takes. He's energized, committed, knowledgeable and yet easy-going and relaxed. In other words, he gets results and it's a pleasure to work with him. A skilled pilot, he brings that same attention to detail to real estate - he knows what needs to get done, has a plan, executes it and delivers. I highly recommend Dru.

– Colin Drake

Total commitment, unmatched attention, and winning attitude: these qualities describe Mr. Babcock's commitment to his clients. In fact, once you become his client, it will become evident, very quickly, that it was one of the best choices. -K. Ramirez Duran

– K. Ramirez Duran

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