Etienne Martel

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Etienne has been involved in real estate since 2015, when he started a real estate investing business with his family. Having grown up in the Foster City/San Mateo area, Etienne has extensive knowledge of the region. Through his experience at his family’s real estate business, Etienne is well versed in property acquisitions, financial analysis, joint venture creation, and sourcing capital for investment projects. He is known for his positive outlook and personal skills which help him build important relationships with clients.

Etienne specializes in the Foster City market, positively representing buyers, sellers, and investors. He is eager to help others and doesn’t hesitate to put his clients first.

I put in an inquiry for a new house in Lake Tahoe and Etienne sent me a few great examples that fit my budget and requirements! Will be checking out multiple properties this weekend! Don’t waste your time with any other agents as he is extremely professional and won’t bombard you with nonsense or spam your email (:

– Sami Dababo

Etienne is a dedicated and professional real estate agent who cares about his clients. Etienne is helping us find a rental home and sell our house. He listened to what we wanted and found properties meeting our needs. As a real estate investor Etienne understands how to evaluate and structure a RE investment opportunities (residential/commercial).

– Eric M

Étienne is one of the hardest working agents around. If you have the pleasure of having him as your agent you’ve found a diamond in the rough. He will do whatever it takes to get the deal done and he will do more than any other agent around. He has knowledge about residential and investment properties and can help you find great deals.

– Antoine Martel

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