Katherine Kennedy

Photo of Katherine Kennedy

Katherine Kennedy grew up in the real estate business. The daughter of two residential real estate investors, she watched her parents successfully buy and sell properties in California and Arizona. The experience helped her develop a keen sense of buying, selling and profiting from well-chosen properties. 


Today, Katherine brings that real estate heritage - and an expertise in online marketing - to her role as a realtor in McGuire's Marina office.


She started her career as a marketing consultant to real estate agents around the country, specializing in search engine marketing and social media. She helped dozens of agents gain premium visibility for their properties, leading to quicker and more profitable transactions.


"Online marketing is the key to unlocking today's real estate market," Katherine says. "I know how it works, and I know how to maximize its benefits for buyers and sellers."


Always a top performer throughout her sales and marketing career, Katherine's core belief is that putting her clients' success first is the key to building long-term, successful professional relationships - no matter how much hard work and hustle it takes. 


She appreciates that her clients need to make a good investment in addition to buying a home for their families. "I listen to my clients. I listen to their needs," she says. "I understand what they go through and how important it is. I will always do what it takes to do right by my clients. Whether they're looking to buy or sell, or find a home or an investment property, I focus on each client's unique needs to be sure I'm successful for them."


Outside of work, Katherine dedicates her time to multiple charities. She is particularly passionate about her work on behalf of childhood cancer awareness. She has volunteered extensively with the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and other children's hospitals across the country.

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