Kristine Alba

Market Analyst and Lead Sales
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Passionate about real estate and design, Kristine helps clients achieve their goals in the dynamic San Francisco real estate market. Early in her career, she led creative marketing efforts for clients including Yahoo, Wells Fargo and then District Attorney Kamala Harris. Relying on a keen understanding of the industry and negotiating savvy, Kristine partners with her clients to identify and acquire property as an investment and a home.

Kristine comes from a San Francisco real estate family with a long history investing in the city’s vibrant housing market. She has personally purchased, remodeled, and profitably sold numerous homes and understands first hand the remodeling and construction challenges in a highly competitive market.

Kristine is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and volunteers her time at Convent and Stuart Hall Elementary.  She is a member of the San Francisco Association of Realtors (SFAR) and California Association of Realtors (CAR).

I was very impressed by Kris' follow-up and research abilities. I was looking at a single family home and the place had some questionable issues. Right off the bat, I could see that Kris had a lot of knowledge about the potentials and upsides of houses. It's no surprise that she later revealed she has been an all around contractor at her personal residence and has valuable experience researching contractors and seeing the type of work that a home needed. She took the time to call me to discuss any items for as long as I wanted, reviewed the disclosures with me, offered good suggestions, warned me about the items the buyer should be concerned about, offered to look into the many questions and concerns I had, and is very professional and friendly.

– Bobztorm

Kris helps me to purchase a home in SF. This is my 3rd home purchasing, and Kris is still one of my top favorite agents. She's down to the details for checking all the disclosure and relevant documents, and she always puts herself in a buyer's shoe when it comes to recommend a place to buy. I also like how fact base she is by showing comp to guide my offering. What I highly appreciated is that she puts her whole heart in helping her clients, no matter you are looking for a luxury deal, or an entry level price point home.

– Fei R.

We were first-time homebuyers who knew nothing about the process until we met Kris. We met other agents, but two things made Kris stand out. First, she was genuine and a true advocate for what we wanted -- while others were trying to further their agendas like used cars salesmen or made us feel dumb when we asked beginner's questions, Kris wanted what we wanted (often telling us a house was overpriced) and always made us feel comfortable with the foreign process of home buying. Second, she goes above and beyond -- even now after we've closed, she has continued to push for resolution of outstanding issues with the sellers, and continues to advise us on remodeling and other home issues. Thanks to Kris's instinct, while others were overlooking it, we were able to get the house we love for UNDER listing price in the heart of SF! More generally, she is the perfect agent for a young couple or family getting their first home -- with her own experiencing raising kids and renovating houses in the bay area. She has our highest recommendation!

– Jessica C.

Although I was using a brokerage company to show, screen and rent our family home in the Inner Richmond, we weren't getting any qualified applications. Kristine was able to find a local family of four and after meeting with them we really matched up. I would recommend Kristine for your real estate needs especially for finding quality tenants for your property.

– Doug Inouye

Property Explorer