Hart Matejczyk

Photo of Hart Matejczyk

Hart Matejczyk fell in love with real estate after being involved in a sizable deal in Sonoma, on the other side of which was one of San Francisco’s most prolific antitrust lawyers. The lawyer (who was selling) wanted to back out half way through, and Hart got to see and be involved with all of the back and forth, careful decision making, and legal knowledge that allowed the buyer to make her purchase. The whole thing felt to Hart like a very high stakes, extremely complex game of chess, and since then he has been hooked. He immediately went to work on his license, and now he loves every second he gets to be involved in real estate transactions for the risk, the competition, and the satisfaction of coming out on top of the single biggest deal his clients will likely make in their lives.

One of the biggest lessons Hart was taught as a child was to be creative, to think of things that nobody else has thought about and to come at every situation from an untraditional angle. This is the approach Hart has taken to life, a life which so far has been completely unconventional. By the age of 20 Hart had worked on ships in the Caribbean, motorcycled through Vietnam, lived and worked in rural Northern India at an IT company, and founded his own proprietary messaging software company. Ever since he fell in love with real estate, Hart has been applying everything he learned to the career, so that he and his clients can always be the first to think of a new angle, a special tactic, or a creative strategy to come out ahead every time.

While not getting his daily dose of adrenaline through real estate, Hart loves speed. Whether this is on a motorcycle, skis, or a sailboat, if the wind is in his hair, Hart is having a great time. It has also been a lifelong dream of Hart’s to do a circumnavigation on a sailboat. He loves being out on the water, especially alone, where there is nothing else to rely upon but himself and his own skills to get him out of a tricky situation.

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